Tuesday, 22 February 2011

versace prints

i am not usually a huge follower of versace, it brings up mental images of their toned town jeans range.. plain logo t-shirts popular worn too tight by muscled men, and any other garment with a label slapped on.

imo, this is a slight problem with brands "over extending" their clothing over more casual lines, the average person will only relate to what the see of the brand, which would be the generic logo tosh you would see on the streets.

alas, many brands as we know make a large proportion of their income through these toned down lines, so there is not much to be done. i guess it also gives more of an exclusive luxury to the runway collections, but i think it's a little shame that a lot of a labels rich design, history and heritage can be overshadowed by the narrowed perception of the public.

not everyone would think this of course it's just me being overly critical, a large amount of people would be indifferent to what you are wearing anyway, natter aside, the real post is dedicated to versace's fall menswear.. the styling.. the textures... the pop of colours... the leather inserts... the prints..

it's all about the prints..

love the bondage-eske belt

luxurious looking materials, contrasting patterns work so well

super cool pixelated style print, i liked the smaller pops of colour used

camel was teamed with leather inserts for a portion of the show, also note the thicker soled formal shoes used, a style that was very prominent across the shows..

finishing on my favorite looks, the darker palette suits with the leather looked pretty dapper. the proportions are exciting here, especially the final cropped embossed leather over the belted db blazer. very sharp

prints weren't quite as trippy or funked up as were in the s/s collection here

this print from the s/s needs to get in my wardrobe though

/all images via thefashionisto/

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