Tuesday, 22 February 2011

raf for ysl?

so just read this (rumour) from the ever informative fashionista,

that this seasons ysl collection will be stefano pilati's last! the prospective replacements could be raf simons (yeah!) or hedi slimane. i am a big fan of everything raf, and i think he would make a huge contribution to the label.. although i did like stefano's fall '11 menswear, although not anything i would really go for myself i thought it was slightly stronger than some of his previous collections.


as for slimane, i have kind of missed out on his work for dior.. i was only just getting into fashion during his last year or two at dior so a lot of his hype is lost for me. looking back at his work i can see how he elevated dior to such heights with his slim young silhouette.

/Hedi Slimane/

as much as i would love to see even more raf out there, it would be exciting for myself to see slimane's work from a more current perspective. re-introducing ysl to a younger audience again would be interesting stuff..

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