Monday, 28 March 2011

Dark Shadows

/images via slamxhype/

i've just spent around an hour watching rick owens shows and interviews on youtube. always interesting to watch. he is such an honest and down to earth character, something hard to find sometimes in fashion. these pieces are from the DRKSHDW line, his cheaper slightly dumbed down collection compared to the main garments. he has managed to keep the price points so right on his diffusion line, low enough to attract more customers and offer the look to an entirely new audience, but not too low that it "sells out" the brand in a way.

anyway, these are from spring/summer available now.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Camo Coats

incredible bargins from the ever amazing yoox.. marc jacobs and mcq further reductions in the winter sale:

89 from 330! the building print is subdued slightly underneath those greens in the camo.. detachable fur 100% lined cotton, huge pockets, a statement coat but still not too loud. perfect for april showers. if only i had money/they had my size! anyone who is a size 38 buy it quick here

and another from mcq, checkered sleeves with a pinstripe body. mcq does sometimes churn out some questionable clothes, and although the quality isn't always there in terms of the price point, they do hit a quirky "so-bad-it's-kind-of-good" with a few of their pieces. i do like this one, and at 85 from 355 it's cheaper than the previous, with a higher rrp. the higher price is reflected in the change of material to 90% virgin wool.. the cut and details are all the same. this would keep you that little bit warmer, with that slight formal look.. buy it here quick if you are a 38

finally this piece from marc jacobs stands out. i love the print on this, from a quick glance just looks like an urban camouflage.. on closer inspection the print comes to life, with a variety of marc jacob's signature drawings and scribbles. jigsaw pieces, little characters, splats of colour, mechanical details and polka dots are all hidden away. only slightly more pricey at 125 from 490 this one is in my size! ahhh only 1 left in 36 someone buy it before i sell my soul

Friday, 18 March 2011

walk this way

just seen these pop into the oki-ni sale. if i had 250 smackers spare, these would be on my feet asap. i would live in these, the nappa leather looks so comfy. the chunky soles are all good at the moment, from the tokyo brand diet butcher slim skin, the shoes look like a margiela/rick owens hybrid..

also new on the site is this addition to the margiela footwear line. always taking a fresh spin on their classic silhouettes, the details that the talented team manages to think up each season are always incredible. giving their classic high top a variation here with a silver chain acting instead of classic rivets.

i am a huge fan of margiela's style and iconic design, pieces that make you look twice. more from the line are these sleek minimal strapped high tops. a more slim version than the diet butchers, i love the olive colourway in these. standard laces instead of the crazy zip, hidden by unbelievably soft looking nappa.

all can be found at oki-ni. love