Tuesday, 8 March 2011

givenchy dogs

i absolutely loved givenchy's menswear for a/w. the dog prints were so iconic, the amazing leather and fur all combine with the brands usual selection of incredibly wearable black luxury basics. you could rock a basic outfit with 1 print from this collection and make such a statement. very loud but so so versatile. hard looks from the collection:


fur collars, amazing contrast to that sharp tailered jacket


fur and leather close ups could be mistaken for hermes, the quality looks astounding, you can only imagine how buttery soft the leather sleeves are. the belt hardware is spot on aswell.

tisci after the show, maybe the next creative man at dior? those shoes are killer though, how high is that sole?!

wish they had a view from the front, would wear these to death though...

mr west rocking the same shirt on tisci from the show, definatly how i would style it. bit of gossip kanye might be applying to central saint martins in london to study fashion? not surprising seeing how dedicated he seems for the arts, his collection gathered so much hype but he prolonged it entirely, interning in fendi last year, he has also worked for raf and louis vuitton in the past. he is set to take fashion seriously.. the absense of the typical rapper/celeb clothing line is quite a relief. he could churn out some serious stuff through if he went with this saint martins.

continuing on the note of mr west, his recent single with jay-z on the future "watch the throne" joint album titled "h.a.m." had tisci's creative energys working on the cover. all good linking in with the violent dog theme, with a little dose of tisci's love for spikes and stars.

amtrac does a good job remixing the single, here

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