Wednesday, 2 March 2011

gareth pugh fashion film

i feel so late watching this, i'm not sure how it slipped past my daily internet checks.. just under a month ago gareth pugh and ruth hogben displayed a short creative fashion film which was projected onto the roof on the inside of a 14th century church. the film itself is amazing, the music synced in with the editing, the elements used in conjunction with the clothes themselves provoked a very atmospheric feel. i love contempory fashion, pugh's clothing is very sculptural, certain points in the film were like architecture almost, fashion films can attach an emotion to the garments, they definatly open up the mind much more than the standard catwalk.

i only watched the film in it's average quality on my tiny 19" screen, but the mood and feelings it manages to conjour up are incredible. i can't imagine how intimidating and spooky it would have been seeing it inside the church, the contrast of that traditional interior with pugh's contempory pieces would have been very interesting. certinaly had an impact on me, what about you? watch it here
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