Sunday, 20 February 2011

home in mcqueen

one of my favourite items i have ever owned, i bought this amazing alexander mcqueen scarf back last summer. i recently did some searching on where it came from and was amazed to find mine was one of 200 only ever made! (vogue)

the scarf was a tie-in to the 2009 movie "home" with all profits going to

the 100% organic cotton features a print of a planet formed into a skull, with beautiful vivid space hues surrounding the planet. i really really love this and so glad i snapped it up on the day, the colours look great when simply wrapped around the neck

you can still purchase the 2 year old design on ebay here. i must say i am abit surprised that they still have 10+ in stock brand new, and for less than the original rrp! i would have thought they would of sold out in an instant, especially for their exclusivity..

you can watch the film "home" on youtube aswell here. it's an inspired view on sustainable living and focuses on some of the most amazing natural wonders of the world thanks to aeriel footage. makes you appreciate the world enough to turn off those plug sockets!

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the pictures really don't do the scarf any justice, it's definitely going in an expensive frame on the wall when i have a house (whenever that is..)

one of mcqueens most beautiful scarf prints, makes you wonder how much more he could have given if he was still with us.. makes you cherish though

stunning stuff

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