Wednesday, 2 March 2011

topman design a/w

continuing with the topman theme, i totally forgot about topman design's winter offerings. the show was reminiscent of 40's tailoring with cropped trousers and heritage tweeds. socks were thick, shoes were patent, shirts were exciting prints, suits were double breasted with skinny scarfs..
a/w for the design team seemed more focused and direct than the s/s. as much as i liked the spring clothes, the theme for winter was more continuous and solid.

some of my favourite detail shots from the show:

(fake?) fur was used generously during the show, here shown draped over the shoulders of an overcoat and hung casually from a suit waist. the colour and texture of the darker fur looks uber comfy, is it a scarf or just small fabric?

layering was pretty nice during the show, skinny scarves were bought up tucked into tops and shirts. i love love the look on the right the open belted coat with the fur collar looks so fun, could be worn a ton of ways. black on white styling is always a safe bet aswell

high waisted trousers continuing from the spring theme, 1940's style aswell as the double breasted jackets and cropped trousers. the paisley print was one of the brightest in the collection, great colours together, not something i feel i could pull off however. the shirt popping out on the right interests me though, it looks like a reflective sequined style shirt but could it just be the print? either way i love the way it looks under that sharp charcoal blazer. i should watch the show again but i am just too lazy. will have to keep an eye out for that one

shoes were almost entirely patent, with interesting buckle features on the higher boots. i liked the choice of thicker speckled socks aswell, being a thick sock fan myself, i can't really handle thinner more delicate socks, my poor feet.

all in all quite a few pieces worth watching out for, i am liking the direction the topman design team is going with these collections.
keep your eyes peeled!

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